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Default Chapter 3: UFC 135, Sunglasses found, and Bubba Gumps

Saturday started about 9am when Boomtown took off to go see Matt. Once Matt get's into the fight process only his licensed cornermen will be able to move about with him, so Boomer goes over early to help with tickets and see his buddy once more before the fight.

So I got ready and watched a little cable TV and not long after I got a text from Boomer "Heading over to get yea"! So I got ready, looked all over the room for my sunglasses, and finally went downstairs and waited for Boomer Duke to show up in his Orange Charger (not kidding).

He showed up in a couple minutes and as soon as I got into the car I looked aroudn for my shade, but couldn't finad them. Oh well another UFC trip, another lost pair of shades. secretly I was bummed cause I'd had those for almost a year and that was a record.
Boomer and I headed down to Bubba Gumps to make the final arrangements with the manager for the after party. We met with the day manager Liz and she took us upstairs to the private party room where we went over all the setup stuff and access control. Boomer had gotten a copy of Ultimate Matt Hughes DVD for us to play on the big screen during that party/One new addition was that we wanted to see about setting up karaoke. Apparrently Matt heard about our good time the night before and wanted to see if we could get it.
Once everything was set Boomer and I headed to grab lunch. It jsut so happened that there was a hard Rock Cafe close by and that sounded like the best thing. We had a good time talking about different projects we were both interested in doing as far as film and theatre and prety much caught up on life. The thing about me and Boomer is that we could go a year without seeing eachother and we always seem to just pick right back up where we left off. I've always said thats a sign of a good buddy.

After lunch we headed up into the mountains to pick up Boomers brother. It wasn't too bad of a drive but the change in altitude sure was felt. His brother has a beautiful home up on the mountain with several acres around him. Once there I got to meet Aaron (Boomers brother) and his two boys Drew and Gabriel both super cool kids who leave no doubt in your mind that they think their uncle is about the best thing in the world! We sat and talked for a while and then Boomer's Sister-in-law showed up with a karaoke machine for us to use at Matt's after party. We were getting sort of tight on time so it was time to load up and head back to Denver.
We decided to park in the Bubba Gump's lot and walk to the Pepsi Center so that once the event was over we wouldn't get stuck in traffic and could hoof it over real quick to get the party going. Not a bad walk and once we arrived we split off to our seats to watch the fights.
I was up by myself at one end of the arena and actually really liked my seats. the jumbo screen was right in front and slightly above me. It didn't block my view and I could see right down into the cage. Once i got my bearings I started exchanging texts with my forum buddies. I also was able to locate where Boomer and his brother were sitting by spotting Aaron's blue shirt.

The night of fights was sort of weird. The usher by my seat let me move around and we talked off and on throughout the evening. At the end of the evening right before Matt fought he asked if he could have my ticket stub as a souveigner. He had been such good com