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Default Chapter 2: Karaoke Granny, and RPWAH

Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
You lucky dog brother. Thanks for sharing your story as well. I hope we get one more fight some near by so I can at least see a fight live let alone be lucky like you all and hang out. Blessings man and thanks for the story.
Thanks Chris. There is really nothing like a live event. Especially if you're a fan of Matt's. We are very fortunate to have the kind of access we get. Comes from Matt being such a down-to-earth good person.

But wait, there's more! ( I realized I got pretty long winded in the last one so I'll try and wrap it all up)

....So Boomer and I get to the karaoke place and find Red and Lynsey waiting by their truck in the parking lot. It seems the place was a little intimidating to them (and me too at first, I admit). Boomer is fearless. the divier the place the more happy he seems to get.
We all walk in and the place can only be described as a giant version of The Boars Nest (from Dukes of Hazzard). at first glance a little rough and tumble, but actually it was filled with some of the warmest, fun people we could have hoped for. We look and therre is a big table with a sign on that says "Reserved 4 Dunn" He that's us! We sit down and not soon after ol Dannyboy Silverback comes strolling in and joins us.
Boomer and I (being the shy performers we are) grab books and slip and start picking out our setlist for the evening. The talent on stage was 100% heart but maybe not always on key which I LOVE about local karaoke places. I'll admit I've gotten a little City-fied in the last 7 years and this was refreshing.
We then discover that Huan and his crew are actually sitting next to us and we tell them to join our big table. I then meet Andy and two other folks who's names also escape me. I'm terrible with names.
Not soon after my name gets called and I got up and sing "it's Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel", Boomer get's up and brings the crowd to their feet with a rendition of "Run Around Sue". You see Boomer is notorious for singing songs about loose women and all sorts of questionable behavior at Karaoke, but he has fun so we just grin and clap;)
After our first round of singing Christie and KRISTIE show up and also Boomer's sister-in law- Mychal! Mychal is in a production of Evita and came right over after the show ended. At one point earlier in the evening Boom got a text from her that read "I wish Evita would hurry up and die already" LOL. Who can blame her for being excited about karaoke with us
Well the night featured a few events especially worth noting:
1. while i was singing The Lady is a Tramp by Frank Sinatra. an older female patron walked up to the stage waving a dollar bill. I did not want to offend my only fan so I offered her my back pocket and she gladly tucked the buck.

2. Another older patron asked one of Zac (Huan's ) friend to request a song from a lanky cowboy-hatted that she thought we might enjoy. The DJ not soon after read a slip and said "let's get (we'll just call him) Richard Petty with a haircut up here" this song goes out to Matt Hughes fans and here's for Matt to kick Josh's @$$!" Well RPWAH then proceeds to give a performance of "Country Boy..." that sounds just like Hank Williams Jr. We of course went nuts.

3. My buck tucking granny then asked our friend Boomer for a dance and he was more than happy to oblige. Boomer's sister in law partnered with BTG's hubby and well, you'll just have to see the vid. Let's just say I wasn't the only one to find a dollar bill in my back pocket on Saturday morning.

After another karaoke enthusiast treated our eardrum to a brain rattling version of "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" we all called it a night and Boomer and I went back to the Ramada to catch some Zs. it was an amazing night with our forum friends and we dearly missed those that couldn't make it out.

*special note* as I visited the Men's water closet on the way out I was subjected to quite possibly the worst bathroom destruction to ever tickle my nose hairs. THANKS FRONTIER INN!

to be cont'd
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
-Mark Twain

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