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Dont have a lot of time right now, I want to tell my side of the story just right, but I have a picture I want to share that hit me hard, I was on my feet watching Matt, and I believe it was takin about 2 1/2 min's into the the first round, now remember I really didnt get a good look at the picture untill I had downloaded it from my Blackberry to my computer. Now the reason I wanted to say this about the picture is, I am watching Matt take it to Kos and thought how much better Matt was getting with his stand up,( Matt P is the man) and at about the time I snapped the shot with my phone cam, it stuck in my head, how crisp his punches was, now look how clear the picture turned out. Boomer your something else my friend, I dont know who was having more fun, you or your nephews at the knight party!!
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