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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Boomer, you are such a terrific person!
Not even but thank you Bonnie! I think you are pretty terrific yourself!

Originally Posted by amills View Post
Thanks again Boomer. i don't think there is any athelete in the country that goes to the level Matt does to make his fans feel like part of the experience. you definitely the "Elmer's" that keeps us stuck to Matt.
Thanks amills. If people see the matt I see the world would be a fan of his. Thats my goal. This Boomer Tale isn't that great but I had the situation where some of the only other people I'd bend over backward for had part of my attention. My brother and my nephews ... I see them about the same amount of time I see matt in a year. It was cool in some aspects and uncool I had to share that time. But it was fun and my brother is now a UFC fan.

This is my Nephews Knight party on Sunday ...

Originally Posted by CHITOWNHUGHESFAN View Post
Thanks Boomer for insight. Great to hear how everything comes together.
Glad you liked it Chi
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Boomer is fricking HOT!!!!!

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