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The guys trickle in the rest of the day, Robbie Lawler, Matt Pena, Jeremy Horn. The plan was to go out to eat somewhere and then go to a movie. We always hit up three or four of the latest movies during fight week. Honestly that is about the only time I watch movies any more. That night we saw Cowboys and Aliens. It was a good movie. Not top 20 or anything like that, but it was decent. Best quote after that movie is when matt said, "When the woman came to life out of the fire it turned more into a sci fi movie." Blink Blink ....Because Aliens raiding earth for its gold wasn't sci fi at all. Our restaurant of choice this trip before the movies was Chiptole. Robbie has an appetite that would rival a Sasquatch, and he would order TWO if those big burritos.

Each trip I get to know the corners more and more. This trip what really sunk in was how very intelligent and gifted Jeremy Horn is in picking out good and bad movies. We saw one of the WORST movies called "Drive" and Jeremy and I were on the same page. It's like a bad 1980's sound track with a psyco-drama horror feel that leads you down a path of side stories that never go anywhere. It's like Transporter meets Friday the 13th meets the Godfather, meets Pretty in Pink. It created new levels of awful ...

Wednesday we had a radio tour in the UFC media room, which is the UFC PR folks connecting matt with a bunch of Radio stations that have requested interviews. It's funny because matt would get the same questions over and over again and he would answer every radio station as if it was the first time he got the question. Lots of the stations were asking about his retirement and his new friendship with BJ Penn. After the radio tour we had about an hour before we headed down to the Pepsi Center for the post fight interview. Robbie, Matt Pena and myself rolled with matt to the press conference. While we were in the waiting room, one of the UFC PR folks came down with two boxes of the new UFC DVD release Ultimate Matt Hughes. If you haven't heard it is a collection of matt's fights with interviews from his family, friends and past opponents. GET ONE. IT'S AWESOME!! The PR guy asked matt if he would sign them while we waited. It was about 100 of them. matt said sure and took one out and they were all still wrapped. matt asked, "are they all wrapped?" The UFC PR guy's face shrunk and said, "Oh man I didn't even think about that." matt quickly interjects, "It's no problem, we got nothing to do while we wait. We'll unwrap them all." matt had brought two of those knives he had made one for Dana White and one for Lorenzo Feritta so we got them out and put them to work taking the plastic off the DVDs so matt could sign. matt got the Sharpie and discovered that the DVD covers had some sort of waxing coating and the Sharpie wouldn't write on them. He showed the UFC PR guy and again his face sunk. matt then told him bout paint pens and said we would take care of it. The next day I went out and got some paint pens and he signed them all.

Friday is weigh in day and matt was doing really well all week with his weight. matt, Robbie, Pena, Hogie, Zucca and myself all went to the sauna with matt as he shed the last few pounds. They all got in the sauna , but Burt had already tagged me for the weigh ins that morning when we brought the banner and shorts down for UFC approval. I didn't want to mess that up and I'm just fat ..... it would be like a fat fiesta sitting next to a Ferrari .. naked, and sweating ... I'm a better gear guard.

We move to the Wells Fargo theater for weigh ins and I finally get to meet up with Llama (Mark), Red (SteveT) and his awesome wife Lynsey. Great to see them as always. matt has some of the best fans and I have made some great friends with many of them. matt makes weight and we all head over to the after weigh ins dinner at Maggianos. It was some good food and a lot of fun. matt had a host of his old crew there like Monte Cox, Rachel Leah, Rashad Evens stopped by , Jens Pulver and just a host of people he grew in the sport with. I sat with Llama and Joe for Texas Trophy hunters and his family and had a great time.

Later that night, we had a forum Karaoke party that was ... well Epic. I am running long on this so why don't everyone that was there add their own narration of that night. ;-) I think some vids are out there too. I will say that I'm disappointed Red didn't sing something or line dance with me. Llama tore up the mic, we both were molested by the same sweet old lady ... and Huan is a pretty cool kat. ;-) Christie of course was a joy to see and Sliverback as always was the life of the party. He knows how to throw down. :-) AND we should be getting a few new forum members from that event!!

Fight day I go over in the morning to make sure that there are no last min things matt needs me to do. I know he likes to be around Audra that time, so I don't hang around to long. Just enough to see if there is anymore I can do. After that I go get LLama and take him to my brothers house so I can get ready for the fight and pick my brother up. It was his first UFC fight and he loved it.

After the fight the after party at Bubba Gump was really good. Lots of people showed up to include Chuck Liddell, Pat MIletich, Jens Pulver, Monte Cox, Mark Hughes, and many of our good forum folks. I got an early flight to catch so I gotta sign off. Had a great time with great friends and so glad I got to see some of you there.

You guys add your picture and stories too!!

Til next time my forum friends ...
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