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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
There are so many WFT statements here.

28 years old with 8 kids. All ended up in protective custody. Hum. I am going to assume they are a meal ticket for her, she used the welfare payemnts she was getting to get her nails done, pay for drugs, and who knows what else while her kids, probably supervised by the 11 year old, sat in a nasty home with no power or running water. Bet she sold her foodstamps too and left them with no food. This is just me assuming based on how the majority of these stories usually play out.

She gave 7 of the boys the same name as the dad? Is it because no one at the social service office would pick names for her? Was she too lazy to think of something? Was it so she wouldn't have to learn the names of each child?

Who is the idiot that was supposed to be supervising these kids that let this happen?

The only problem that I have with that is she abducted them. If they were just her meal ticket then she would have to know that she would NEVER get another dime after that. The only motive I can see for abducting your children is the overwhelming desire to be with them. It obviously may not be best for the children to be with her but I can't fault her for wanting them.

As far as the boy's names, maybe they used their middle names and they did it out of some sort of family tradition thing or something.

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