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Very impressed by Marcus's ability to stay calm with his back taken, but MAN can Hansen take a punch! Gotta hope Brimage didn't punch himself out. Steve steps in & he didn't.

Now we get Carson Beebe, Chase's little brother fighting a guy who's apparently a 30+ fight vet in Bedford. Really nice back & forth between the two, but Johnny does a really nice job & listens to his coaches to get the W.

Pauge vs. Matsuda. Real ly back & forth for the first two rounds. I would have liked to have seen a 3rd, but the judges believe that Dustin won both rounds, so he's moving into the house.

Nw we get Timothy's little brother, Paul McVeigh (joking) against the jolly green not-so-giant. W only get to see highlights of this one & there seem to be more shots of greened-haired Louis doing well than than splatter-haired McVeigh. We go to a third round & Louis wins it, going into e house.
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