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Default Marc Fiore and Kyle Watson working together again...

Sort of...having moved on from the HIT Squad they both created their own gyms and then thought...why not become an affiliation. Soooo they work together and their members get advantages of both worlds.

I thought that was remarkable...for some reason it made me smile in an almost nostalgic way...I remember visiting the HIT Squad almost EXACTLY two years ago...

I know that things change...but for some reason in my head they dont....I still remember them all in their little offices at the front of the gym....I even remember visiting Nathan Rosario in Hillsboro...again, almost exactly FOUR years ago...I remember the funny little truck thing he drives, and I remember the mountain of steps to his door and the stereotypical creek it made...I remember the scented candle...that was burning 24/7 whilst I was there...and I remember the picknick bench outside with the Jumping Spider

I dont think he lives in that house or even has that truck thing anymore ...but in my head...he still does the reality does not matter to my imagination

My point is, some things feel right...the team from the HIT Squad was a good team...and somehow I am glad that despite the gym and that Jesse Finney person...that time apart, and geographical space doesnt stop their working together and their success.
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