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Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
Ben if I ever get commentators you and Llama are my team. Made my night seeing you tonight buddy. Disappointed you will not be in Denver. Glad Josh liked the show. Great tale ... talk at you soon.
I'm down, too! That'd be so much fun!!

I know, it kills me that I'm gonna miss Matt's fights, but my stupid parents were dumb enough to teach me responsibility & it really takes the fun outta life sometimes.

Enough derailing my own thread, though, this card was fantastic, Boomer, & I can't wait for FNL2 in December!!

O & about the recap vid: Josh & I got a little verbose with out adulation, so we weren't able to upload the video via 3G. Now that I'm finally home (we went to see Warrior afterwards), I copied the video to my PC & am uploading it to YouTube. It is currently 25% completed & still has 46min to go. Sorry, but I'll post it in the morning, I'm going to bed!!
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