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7th fight was a Muay Thai fight between Travis Boggs & Stevenson. Alan Walked It Out on his way to the ring & toyed with an out-of-shape Travis in the first. Just before the 2nd, he turned to those of us sitting near his corner & told us to "Watch this.". He came out a lot more aggressively, & through a really nice spinning back kick, but he slipped. The ref sent the to neutral corners for an eight count. Afterwards, they turn around to see Travis hunched on his knees, sucking wind, and quickly tells the red he can't continue.

8th fight was Michael Deal vs. Cory Sharp (yet another MMAI fighter). Cory dominates the first, securing an early takedown & working GnP. The second was more of the same until Michael tapped out.

9th fight sees a return of Nate Miller from earlier on the card to fill in for a no show against Adam Malahan (MMAI). It was all Adam on the first until Nate threw a big combo with about a minute left, which I think won him both in terms of damage, but also because it made Adam more defensive. 2nd round was back & forth, but Adam started consistently landing leg kicks & had Nate wincing by the end. The 3rd was a continuation of the 2nd, with Adam landing leg kicks at will & following them up with combinations, opening a cut between Nate's eyebrows with knee in the clinch. I scored it 29-28 for Adam. The judges scored it 30-28, 30-27 & 30-27 for Adam. I guess Boomer can't give out bonuses to amateur fighters, but this deserved FotN, IMO.

Final fight is Dylan Hitt vs. Ginseng Point de Jour. Dylan looks young & nervous. G throws a push kick that sends Dylan crashing into the fence. A few more flurries & Dylan, still all smiles, calmly tells the ref he's out of his league & wants out.

Man, this was honestly a killer card! Boomer did an awesome job! There was a guy with a video camera running around all night, so hopefully the fights will be up online for y'all to be able to watch.
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