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Man, these have been some great fights! First wa Ethan Gunter vs. Sanders Bayer (160lbs MMA bout). Sanders caught Ethan with a low blow, but after a pause they came back out swinging & blasted Gunter for a 1st rnd KO.

Next up was a Muay Thai fight, Nate Miller vs. Lee Starke. Lee came out looking very active & wanting to brawl, but Mate was Mich more composed & technical. He controlled a fairly even 1st rnd, but turned it up in the 2nd for a TKO. After he put him down, the Ted had to wall h back to the corner & talk to him for a bit, but Miller had jacked Lee so hard that he was still rolling on the canvas when te red finally made it around for the 10-count.

3rd fight was Brad Herrick vs. Paul Diggs in an MMA fight. Brad was 0-4 & Paul is an MMAI fighter (Boomer's gym). Paul landed a really nice leg kick, but then seemed eager to get the fight to the ground, but Brad defended really well, eventually getting a takedown of his own & landing some GnP. Pay did a great job reversing into Brad's guard, but as he tried to throw punches of his own, Brad slipped it & locked in an arm triangle for the night's first submission.

4th fight was a heavyweight MMA fight between Chris Lewis & Lamonte Tyler. Chris came in 3-6 & left 3-7, tapping to strikes in the first.

5th fight was "Sweaty" Eddie Payne vs. Jake "Porker" Chamberlain, another MMAI fighter. Jake easily won the battle of walkout music, jamming his way to the cage to Run & Tell That!! Fight ended in the first due to Doctor's stoppage, with Jake once again coming out on top.

The 6th fight (and last before intermission) was Nicker Weaver vs. Winslow Well. Quick fight with a slightly controversial stoppage. Winslow landed a big right that stunned Nick, then a second that sent Weaver crashing to the ground, causing the ref to jump in. Unfortunately, Nick popped back up, causing a lot of crowd to boo the ref. I absolutely agree with his decision, though: he saw a fight fold to the canvas & did his job to protect him.

First half of the card has been amazing, the longest fight only making it to the second round. Boomer did a heck of a job finding all these guys!!
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