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The French Republic may have seen a violent revolution...but even Madame Guilotine could not see off the Monarchy, and there was a ping pong for a good three centuries between periods of Republicanism, and periods of Monarchy.

The last King of France was Napoleon Bonaparte III who actually became the President.

Of course his line continues and right now Napoleon VIII lives in France. He isnt the only person claiming they should be the current King of France...because of successive periods of Republicanism...there are older monarchs who were removed, and then never re-instigated. I would vouche for swaping to the later established Monarchies each time...but some of the decendant of those older families would despute that.

one such is the Spanish Duke of Anjou He is of the original Monarchic line that was overthrown at the French Revolution. His line was reestablished at the Restoration. Then, in July of 1830 the Bourbon line was replaced by another monarchy...which was a different branch of the same family.

in my eyes this is a natural progresson from bourbon to orleans...and thus eventually to bonaparte. The French Royalists believe that the living member of the Bourbons should be King...and the reason is the Bourbon dynasty owned many monarchies in Europe at one time. including Spain...hence why they recongnise a spainard as their current King...I personally believe that is Fubar...and would advocate Napoleon Bonaparte VIII but they perfer Loius Bourbon XX Loius now lives in America
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