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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
i wish i had a castle
Very few Monarchies now have Castles...they might have Palaces but in a Fortress are few and far between.

Her Majesty has Two that I know of Balmoral Castle, which is her Residence in Scotland, and she likes to use it as a private summer holiday home. and Windsor Castle.

The majority of her Castles are either Ruins, or owned by Land Trusts which use them as tourist traps. There are a few Castles which are still in opporation but some are bascially used by the Governments...and some are believe it or not still in the hands of the Barons.

Ripley castle is an example of that.

I visited Ripley Castle...soooo you can watch this small video and see a working Castle owned by a private family (as in...not Royalty)
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