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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Oh, that's great! Congratulations, Boomer! I looked up their site, here it is.

Will they televise the fights on the internet? How can we watch them? What does Louisa mean?

Sorry for all the questions, just wondered. Will do my predictions in a little while...
I don't think that Boomer's planning to televise right now (though maybe I'm wrong & he'll set the record straight for us). I'll be doing a Ram Tale for the event, so I'll keep y'all appraised of the results. I'd offer to video the fights & put 'em on YouTube for y'all, but that would infringe of Boomer's copyright & while I may not have a problem cheating the UFC, Matt McDowell scares the poo outta me!

O, & I guess I should post my predictions:
Heavyweight Bouts
Winslow Well
Chris Lewis by Judge's Sympathy? **We'll call this one the Main Event since Chris is the guy on the card with the most experience**

Middleweight Bouts
Looking for opponent

Catch Weight Bouts
Dusten Pouport
Sanders Bayer (Because his name is nearly the reverse of Barry Sanders)
Lee Starke (he's Tony's kid...)

Welterweight Bouts
Brad Herrick (he's gotta get a win sometime)
Eddie Payne (a Thai fighter named "Pain"? C'mon!)

Lightweight Bouts
Stephen Soul Jr

Featherweight Bouts
Danny Carles
Michael Deal
Dylan Hitt (his opponent sounds Canadian & when you're in Murika, you root for Murkans!)

Bantamweight Bouts
Adam Malahan (I'm just hoping to hear the announce stumble on his name)

note to Boomer & Kim (great to see you again, btw!) - if any of these guys are your teammates, I apologize for my snarky comments. Lemme know who's an MMAI fighter & I'll scream myself hoarse for them tomorrow night.
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