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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
there is plenty of militancy in here I see...reading this thread...I started singing...
1. the state or condition of being combative or disposed to fight.
2. the active championing of a cause or belief. — militant, n., adj

It's interesting that you used that word because I think militancy can be ascribed to today's gay movement, as well, don't you? From what I've seen, they preach "tolerance" but turn around and show very little of it to anyone who doesn't believe living gay is right or just another lifestyle. If you're not with them, you are a homophobe, hateful, stupid, ignorant, an idiot...

What would happen if people wanted to have an annual Not-Gay Pride Parade? That's a rhetorical ? by the way.

You and Mike are right, we don't know everything involved with this case, but the fact the boy was taken away from them, plus the judge's comments makes me think this couple's actions weren't innocent fun. And we know his older sister was removed for some reason from the home before this happened. Am I guilty of making assumptions without knowing all the facts, yes. But, my eyebrows still would have gone up if this had been a heterosexual couple/parents dressing their little boy up as a girl and putting his picture up on a social network site. I think there is a difference between little kids playing around (Mike's story) and something like this where grown parents are dressing little boys up in girl's clothes. JM2Cs

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