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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Militancy? Exactly what part of this thread would you consider militant?
it could have been worse... I could have been singing

I dont want to come across as a meanie towards you or anyone Nathan but Its the general cycle on this forum...mention anything to do with homosexuality at all, and out come all the patrons who tut, shake their heads, and generally just get angry.

That to me is a nigh on militant response...somehow...this thread has nothing really to do with child abuse...and lots, as always to do with squash the homos....its like a nasty bandwagon that invades, at the heart of it, its always the morality of gays... say the word "gay" and its like poking a stick into a wasps nest...out they all come, buzzing and spluttering, and all aggreeing on how terrible the situation is blah, blah, blah. posting their emoticons, waving their sticks. Waging their fingers and shaking their heads

Mike had it right. He wanted to know more about the context before screaming condemnation and burrying every single visitor to this thread in hot coals
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