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Default Official Fight Night Louisa Predctions Thread

This Saturday night will be the premier event for a soon-to-be-legendary promotion: Fight Night TV. It is owned & operated by nome other than our get own Boomer & is dedicated to developing and showcasing the local amateur talent in the Charlottesville area. I have the distinct honor of being able to attend this exciting debut & to be able to bring along my younger brother so that he can see his first live Mixed Martial Arts event (with a few Thai fights tossed in for good measure). So without further ado, you know the drill: pick the winner, round & method for the Main Event & jut the winner for the remaining fights. Here's the card!!

Heavyweight Bouts
Nick Weaver (1-0-0) vs Winslow Well (3-0-0)
Chris Lewis (3-5-0) vs Lamonte Tyler (1-1-0) **We'll call this one the Main Event since Chris is the guy on the card with the most experience**

Middleweight Bouts
Ben Meneses (0-0-0) vs Looking for opponent

Catch Weight Bouts
Dusten Pouport (1-2-0) vs Brandon Meneses (2-1-0)
Ethan Gunter (0-1-0) vs Sanders Bayer (0-1-0)
Nate Miller (0-0-0) vs Lee Starke (0-0-0)

Welterweight Bouts
Brad Herrick (0-4-0) vs Paul Diggs (0-0-0)
Jake Chamberland vs Eddie Payne (Muay Thai)

Lightweight Bouts
Oneil Gardner (0-0-0) vs Stephen Soul Jr (0-0-0)

Featherweight Bouts
Jon Peters (1-0-0) vs Danny Carles (1-1-0)
Michael Deal (5-0-0) vs Cory Sharpe (3-2-0)
Ginseng Point de Jour (1-1-0) vs Dylan Hitt (0-0-0)

Bantamweight Bouts
Adam Malahan (0-0-0) vs Brandon Thomas (0-0-0) (Muay Thai)
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