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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
BTW, I've asked adamt to remove his sig image. That's just too close to pornographic for this website.
Not to mention the photoshop is so bad the disembodied ear alone is truly frightening.

Nate, I was being rhetorical about them not having kids. I know we as a society can't stop people who shouldn't have children from doing so (drug abusers, alcoholics, violent people, etc) because any laws like that have the probablility of being abused or applied to the wrong people.

But it seems that this couple were humiliating the boy, that's why I agree with the decision to place him in another foster home, hopefully with his sister. Some people aren't cut out to be parents; if they feel the need to have children in their lives they can certainly do so in other ways that are much needed - volunteering at Boys and Girls clubs, Big Brother/Sister programs, scouting, TAs, mentoring, tutoring, etc.
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