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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
I highly doubt a 6 yr old was humilated by something on facebook.

If this was punishment then boo.

But if it was a joke big deal... Normal kids go through worse •••• growing up.
My six year old doesn't like me telling about anything he says OR showing pics of him, even good ones. We were going to a family cook out once and on the way he says, "And don't tell anything about my identity!" Which is hard not to share because he says some of the most clever and funny things sometimes. However, my 8 years old would think that it would be funny to post a pic of him dressed up as a girl. It would scar my six year old for life.

Most 6 years olds are very easy to embarass/humiliate. Try calling a 6 year old boy a cutie pie and see how red his face turns. Or just try asking one if they are a boy or a girl and see what happens. You couldn't make an enemy faster. Five and six years old is usually when kids really accept and start getting comfortable with the difference.

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