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There's so much wrong with this story. The poor little boy.

The case has caused outrage among same-sex women who said it gave the impression that lesbians were bad parents.


As the controversy grew in Australia yesterday, one supporter of the lesbian couple said the insinuation appeared to be that simply placing the children with a lesbian couple was the problem and that the foster care agency should have known that any woman crazy enough to be a lesbian was likely to 'humiliate' a child.
That last "supporter" is reading a whole lot into the decision to remove the boy. Look, let's be real honest. We won't know what kind of parents gays and lesbians will be in the long run until several decades have passed. I would guess that those stats might reflect a similar percentage of "bad gay parents" for their group as there are with traditional parents. But maybe not, who knows?

This "couple" seems like they tried their best to feminize this poor child. I'm glad he was removed from their custody, I hope that is a permanent decision. And why were the siblings separated?? That was another terrible decision by the court, I wonder why the girl's time with these people "didn't work out"?

In a separate recent controversial case in Australia a man who became a donor father so a lesbian couple could have a child had his name removed from the youngster's birth certificate following the women's break-up.
A judge agreed to remove the father's name from the little girl's birth certificate after the birth mother's former partner asked a court to replace his name with her own.
WTH? How caring of him! That just seems bizarre and creepy, don't these eejits realize these are HUMAN LIVES they are messing with in their little cultural experiment?
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