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Here is the Wife of possibly the worst King in European History. His Reign was a complete and utter disastor. He took the throne and not long after the Great War Broke out. The war was unpopular, but the King wanted it, and had appointed a Prime Minister to force it through the Government, when the Government reacted badly, the Prime Minister resigned, but the King would not let him go, and vetoed everyone to get the job done for Italy in The First World War.

Following the first world war his popularity sunk lower as he invested in foreign thrones in the Balkans and Africa. He was absolutely silent during the rise of mussollini. Fearing the Nationals would overthrow him, He decided to appoint Mussolini as Prime Minister. Mussolini then entered world war two through negotiations with Adolf Hitler.

The people hated him for it, and he realized that he had to try and save the throne too late. He summoned Mussolini to the Palace and sacked him Mussolini didnt really care and continued, forcing the King to flee from Rome and whilst Mussolini controlled the North, the King controlled the South and the Southern part of Italy signed for peace whilst the North continued to fight until the liberation of Berlin when it all fell apart.

The outcry was so great that the King decided to allow the people to vote on abolishment of the Monarchy, and in a last ditch attempt to save the crown he abdicated in favour of his was too little, too late...and His son was on the throne for about a month before being forced into Exhile....and the Three Kings of Italy Grandfather, Father and Son ended the countries flirtation with Monarchic rule.

His Wife was a Humanitarian, who did alot of practical and hands on work with health and she was most unhappy about the was probably her work that persuaded the King to eventually stand up to the Nazis...she paid a heavy price as her daughter was caught by the fascists and died in 1944...she followed the King to South Italy when he abandoned Rome...and followed him into exhile after his abdication.
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