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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Please tell me you are joking? An adult deserves to be disrespected by a child? No. Don't get me wrong, I would not expect just because of someone's age their should sit back and let adults around them act foolishly. There are some situations where a teenager stepping in to prevent harm to themselves or others that I would certainly not consider disrespectful but brave. I've heard of many teenage boys (and one girl who could swing a frying pan good) taking it to their dad because they got tired of abuse or seeing their moms abused. But when a teenager themselves is in the wrong (a 16 year old knows a back yard brawl is wrong) what gives them the right to say anything to adults involved who are in the wrong too? None. That just adds another wrong factor to a jacked up situation. This dad is stupid and this kid is a punk. Neither displayed good judgement. I would however guess that this teen will think twice before popping off to an adult in the future.
A 16 year old who was involved in a backyard brawl in which an adult facilitated. Who should be more responsible for this even starting in the first place? The adult who set it up or the child for participating? I'm all about people respecting their elders but (imo) this adult deserved none.

ps Hell yeah that adult deserved to be disrespected.
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