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I only watched this one video and couldn't really hear what the kid was saying but I hope he was telling the dad what an idiot he was for trying to set this fight up to begin with. I think it was the dad who deserved to have a kid in his face setting him straight.
Please tell me you are joking? An adult deserves to be disrespected by a child? No. Don't get me wrong, I would not expect just because of someone's age their should sit back and let adults around them act foolishly. There are some situations where a teenager stepping in to prevent harm to themselves or others that I would certainly not consider disrespectful but brave. I've heard of many teenage boys (and one girl who could swing a frying pan good) taking it to their dad because they got tired of abuse or seeing their moms abused. But when a teenager themselves is in the wrong (a 16 year old knows a back yard brawl is wrong) what gives them the right to say anything to adults involved who are in the wrong too? None. That just adds another wrong factor to a jacked up situation. This dad is stupid and this kid is a punk. Neither displayed good judgement. I would however guess that this teen will think twice before popping off to an adult in the future.
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