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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Okay, I finally watched the video and a part of me loves seeing some smart-mouthed, cocky, little prick getting beat down by someone twice his size.

Of course, I don't have kids; but if I did and they turned out to be smart-mouthed, cocky, little pricks like that 16-year-old, then a part of me would still laugh at the thought of them getting beat down by someone twice their size.

Seriously, though, lots of poor decision making on the part of the "adults" in this scenario. Everything from the "organized fight" to the father allowing himself to lose his cool. This is one of those scenarios where there doesn't seem to be any clear right or wrong, because everything about it is so horribly wrong.
The adult gets "Oh he made poor decisions" (bless his heart) while the child is labeled with the title of smart-mouthed, cocky, little prick.
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