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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN View Post
cant believe the direction this thread has taken. very disturbing, this man did not teach that kid any lessons on how a respectful adult should behave.

I dont care what the kid said, this was uncalled for. He should of never had the 2 boys come to his house to throw down in the first place. this dudes an idiot, and you people are giving him legs by saying "its ok as long as the kid ask for it"

Not sure if my post is one you're referring to, but what I meant by "asking for something" is from the video, the way the kid is literally up on the guy, it looks like the kid was wanting to incite a fight with the man. But, I agree with you, it doesn't matter what the kid was saying or how he was posturing, the man should have handled things differently. If the kid continued to come at him or take a swing at him, then I feel he should've been able to defend himself but more in the manner of subduing the kid, not continually hitting him. And, I also agree the man never should have set the fight up to begin with. As for lessons, hopefully everyone who was there will learn from the consequences of this idiocy.

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