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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN View Post
cant believe the direction this thread has taken. very disturbing, this man did not teach that kid any lessons on how a respectful adult should behave.

I dont care what the kid said, this was uncalled for. He should of never had the 2 boys come to his house to throw down in the first place. this dudes an idiot, and you people are giving him legs by saying "its ok as long as the kid ask for it"

Your siggy says it all less talk more action.

Teenagers in this country are out of control and you can't touch me a minor mentality is fueling it.

We're too freaking soft. In the old days two kids scrapping in a backyard was the way disputes where settled. You got up and shook hands. Nowk ids shoot each other over sneakers... Why? because our society tells them fighting is wrong wrong wrong no matter what. Frustrated at outlets this maniac kids turn to guns for the easy way out.

I've made my position pretty clear I supported this whole thing up until the hammer fists.
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