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honestly i think eerbody got what they deserved, the man is utterly humiliated and is gonna go to court for what he done, and the kid that got beat up got what he deserved, yes deserved, for mouthing off. Personally if I go up to brock lesnar and get in his face and mouth off, i deserve to be beat down a little bit, and that teen deserved to be beat down, he is the one that got up in the face of someone who is "twice his size"

and everyone else there are hopefully ashamed at themselves for being a part of such a stupid act. If it was just mma then shame on them for having a fight club, if it was a fight to settle a score then i hope whatever they were mad at each other about was worth it, because it sure did get blown out of proportion,..... of course having an organized fight in someones backyard was prolly blowing it out of proportion to begin with, they prolly both wanted to take the same girl to homecoming dance, jerks like these guys give mma a bad name

anyways..... the thing that irked me the very most was the stupid newscasters, someone needs to tell them to report the facts and not give us their stupid, personal diatribe and unintelligent opinions, i hate supposed journalists "commentating" on news. 'News Commentary' is an oxymoron. Its one or the other and when the people that are supposed to just report the facts start adding their own rhetoric you get what is now known as the mainstream media
I think you make some good points. The teen won his fight and should have just gone home. I still think the dad was an ass, but the kid did practically beg for it.
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