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Originally Posted by lyndsey823 View Post
Drained yet excited. Major drama at work, but that's the norm. The State surveyors just left our hospital, so that's a relief!! And I got accepted into a tough Surgical Tech program that starts in November. I know I need to do more in my life, but nursing school is just so far off. And I love the hands on excitement of an OR Tech. I love working in surgery, never a dull moment. So starting in November school from 8am-1145am, then working 3pm-1130pm. I'll have no life seeing as that school is an hour away!! But I'm so excited for this new chapter
That is what I was going to do if I didn't get accepted into nursing school the first time around! I loved my clinicals in the OR. Congratulations and it should be nothing if not exciting. Our program here lasts a year. When times are tough just say to yourself, "I can survive anything for one year." That's what we do at work. When things are in the gutter and everyone has strapped their hair up and dirty to their elbows, feeling like giving up, someone will say, "Come on, people! We can survive anything for 12 hours (our shift length)". It is lame but has pulled me through more than a couple of times. And it will be all worth it once you finish.

Again congratulations!
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