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Default Mir out for UFC 98, Rashad to face Lyoto or Rampage instead

During UFC 96 Mir said that he has had years of problems with his knee, and during training he heard a pop. He got it scoped and they removed scar tissue and bone chunks. He would be able to continue training 5 weeks before the fight, when his knee is 80%. He doesn't want to have any excuses fighting Lesnar and wants Lesnar to face the best Mir possible. Respect. They will face each other at UFC 100.
(That puts the LW, WW, and HW belt on the line in one night!)

Rashad hops on the mic and states that if Rampage wins tonight they will fight for the Light Heavyweight title for UFC 98. But if Rampage loses to Jardine (as Evans predicted) Lyoto will be his challenger.

UPDATE: Rashad will face Rampage, but Rampage has stated he has some injuries and May might be too soon

UPDATE: If Rampage is not willing or able to fight Rashad at UFC 98 in May then Lyoto will get the title shot

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