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Gotta love Netflix, it's changed how people watch shows and movies.

I have watched a ton of shows on Netflix after the fact, just like you are describing, but I have actually followed Sons of Anarchy since the first episode of the first season and it's definitely my favorite show on television.

Here's a question for all the SoA fans here, what are your favorite moments from the first 3 seasons?

Mine are...

5. Piney goes to the One-Niners hang out looking for Donna's killer and cracks one of them in the face with his oxygen tank

4, Jax and Clay duke it out in jail

3. Opie kills Agent Stahl

2. The last scene of the season 1 at Donna's funeral that is put to "John the Revelator"

1. Jax kills agent ATF agent Kohn
I love netflix because if I missed the first few seasons of a show, I can go back and watch them instead of trying to watch a new episode on tv where I have no clue what is going on in the story

5. Killing Weston in the tattoo shop bathroom (season 2)
4. I'll agree on the Jax and clay fight
3. Hunting down the rapist carnie
2. Jax killing Kohn
1. Opie killing stahl and chibs killing Jimmy O
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