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I never heard the term "Calvinism" before I started attending a Presbyterian Church in 2006. I was raised Baptist and have had to study Calvinism from that background. However, I find that the more I study Calvinism, the more I agree with it. So, I guess I am becoming a Calvinist because I see how perfectly it lines up with the Bible.

I couldn't disagree more that Divine Election means that GOD creates people for Hell. There is no Biblical support for that notion. In fact, it seems to be nothing but a logical fallacy and a false doctrine invented for the sole purpose of discrediting what the Bible clearly teaches about election.

The mere existence of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament proves GOD's Divine Election. There's no "proof texting" necessary there.
The opposite is true Nate if you claim that God created some to be saved then the only logical conclusion is some were created not to be saved. Plus election and predestination are synonymous. God's election is different than saying you have no choice if God chooses you you are saved no matter what you say or do. That is not biblical in the least. God never once ever removes mans free will. Please show me one verse where God gives no one the option to do something.
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