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I hope the doggie doesnt pine away

the effect of bereavement on animals shouldnt be under estimated, it can very really kill them. Both which each other...and with human interaction.

When Roland, our pet chinchila had heart failiure and died, Samantha, his mate died the following week. She simply got into her sandbox and wouldnt eat or drink.

Its been more then four months since the death of Pettis the Zebra finch, and each day at about 8pm, Bonnie goes down to the cage floor where she last saw him before he died, and she sits down and waits, maybe an hour...maybe the whole night. I think the only reason she is still alive is because at the time it happened, she had a dependant, something to focus and look after.

If that Doggie only had that soldier for company and they were really close, then there is a reasonable chance, if the doggie wont be separated from the coffin, that it could pine away. Hopefully not...but these sort of things do happen
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