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Default The King (and Queen) of All Threads

Sooo...for anyone who is interested, I am going to begin posting some videos on various Monarchies around the world, and will give you a small write up of each one.

We begin with Marie Antoinette. She was born into a Noble Family who had links to the throne of Austria, and her Father was the Roman Emporar. She was given to France as a sort of diplomatic peace treaty, its how a lot of things in Europe worked. But King Loius didnt really like her very much.

Anyway, she fell pregnant and gave a Female, and then she fell pregnant again and gave an Heir. This was at the same time Loius was busy supporting the American War of Independance. Finally, she gave him a second Heir before things got nasty with the French Revolution.

During the revolution, a lack of Money (in part due to continuous wars with...well...everybody) and the rise of democratic governments in France saw the King deposed. Marie had plenty of options to escape, but she actively decided to stay in France.

They eventually decided to execute her aswell.
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