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Are you saying that GOD didn't know that Moses would strike the rock out of anger until he did it? I don't agree with that at all. GOD knew that it would happen and Moses being "locked out" of the Promised Land because of that sin was preordained from before the beginning of time. The same with Hezekiah's prayer. GOD knew Hezekiah would make that prayer before He even created the universe and He preordained that he would grant that request.

I do believe that we have the ability to choose whether to follow GOD or not, however, many people seem to want to make human free will sovereign and GOD a subject of our decisions.

Do we have the ability to choose GOD of our own free will? Yes.

Does GOD choose who will follow Him? Yes.

Is this a paradox? Yes.
Of course God knew Moses would strike the rock. Part of the convenience of having created and being removed from time... God still gave him the choice.

It's a very slippery slope to argue that God preordained acts of sin. In the same way, I believe that the choice to love God is ours, being able to make that choice is a gift. He cannot and will not force us to do so. It's extremely humbling. Like I said, God in his infinite wisdom clearly knows what is best for us, so the best choice we can make is to place that gift right back in His hands.

I agree with everything you said otherwise.
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