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I agree with half of it. I think the bible teaches there is biblical intervention (holy spirit conviction) but I do not think it dismisses human free will. BY the logic John has God chooses some to go to heaven and some to go to hell. That is not true. Free will must be factored in. John does discuss this in part 2 I think but his answers are typical for Calvinist and never really proves anything but their personal statement of faith. I agree fully salvation is all about God. But I do not find anywhere in scripture where man's free will is removed form the equation. People here the gospel and make a conscience effort to reject it even after the Holy Spirit has worked in their life. I think this election teaching lends itself a little to much to the Calvinist Dogma Irresistible grace. We are all elected to salvation Christ died for ALL on the cross. Some will accept the free gift others will reject.
I have only listened to part 1 so far. But John definitely denies double predestination. We all choose hell and through Gods saving grace he chooses some to be saved.
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