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Amen! And welcome Newbie

Originally Posted by MMeh
The subject has changed a bit, but I just re-registered so I wanted to opine - as somebody who wants GSP to maul BJ, even I thought the editing of Penn's/GSP's training regimens was horrifically biased to make GSP look like a focused fighter/good guy and BJ as a slacker/punk. The whole thing with Dana was a joke, yes Dana we know you think you a "&%#$@!^" hardcore boss who is making this a great show, blah blah blah, but that was cut to make Penn look like an idiot. They could have done the reverse (i.e. BJ training in one spot in an old school gym, while GSP goes and plays party boy at the club with all his expensive trainers/mercenaries) and I would have been screaming bloody murder. I know the whole good guy/bad guy thing sells, but this was ridiculous. Bottom line, this will be a great fight between two great fighters, and I hope GSP gets this one.
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