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Between Hughes, Penn, and Miletich there are a combined 15 UFC welterweight championships. Not including Penn's 4 UFC lightweight titles. Mix that with the king of KO, Ruthless, and the Sultan of Submissions, Horn, and the Big Poppa Pimp of Punches in Bunches, Pena, there is no other crew I'd rather have train me then these guys right here. Perfect!!! Reminds me of the movie Talladegha Nights, "I wake up in the morning and piss excellence!" lol.

have you ever seen that movie Twins with Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenneger? They have a bunch diff dad's donate sperm to create the super person? If these guys all did that, the kid would hold every MMA title in every weight class in ever promotion lol. He'd beat Gsp, Fedor, Bones, Silva, and Valasquez all with one punch! Lol

and the "Danny devito twin".... well thatd have to be Matt Serra lol...
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