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Yes Gladiators are very missunderstood, and very inaccurately portrayed most often I hope they dont try to push it towards professional wrestling...because the UFC really is the modern day equivilent of the Ludi Romanus... Everytime I speak about this people get upset with me, but thats coz they dont understand what the Games were, they just want to distance themselves from blood sports, because thats the usual taxonomy for the Roman Gladiators. Its largely False. Though not totally of course.

They say its cruel to put slaves and criminals in for Gladiators to kill, without realizing that those were prisoners awaiting state execution...which wasnt pleasent from the Roman State. They also neglect to see that almost 90 percent of Gladiatorial matches were one on one and didnt end in death...really only the main events did, and even then it was up to popular opinion.

I dont understand why people try to distance themselves, if they were fully educated on history they wouldnt have quite so much of a problem comprehending that Roman Gladiators were not barbarians, they were skilled fighters, often Service or Ex-Service men, often Gladiators by choice rather then reformed Slaves, and where Honour and Merit and sportsmanship means a lot more then the likes of half the UFC roster expose.

They even had their own Cemeteries
I don't think the issue was thee Gladiator image it was the poor execution and production of the entry...

The execution was stupid not the intent.
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