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Default "Rampage" foes advise Jardine

Marvin Eastman -- who fought Quinton “Rampage” Jackson twice, beating him once -- has some battle-tested advice for Keith Jardine, the man who will square off against Jackson in the main event at UFC 96 “Jackson vs. Jardine” on Saturday at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio:

Don’t sit back a la Chuck Liddell and wait for the powerful, hard-hitting Jackson (29-7) to come to you. That did not work for Liddell -- who got drubbed by Jackson at UFC 71 in 2007 -- and it will not work for you. Take the fight to him, right from the get-go. Aggressively swarm him and throw everything you have -- punches, kicks, elbows, takedowns. That’s your best chance of winning … your only chance of winning.

“To beat Quinton you got to overwhelm him,” says Eastman, who won a unanimous decision over Jackson in the former UFC light heavyweight champion’s professi