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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I'm a Broncos fan and I think we will do ok. I think we are better than people think, but still only about an 8-8 season. Need the defense to step up big this year!

And I think it is good that they couldn't get rid of Orton, he is a better option right now. I know everyone is ready for Tebow, but Tebow isn't ready yet.
Here's the thing about Kyle Orton...

You already know what you have with him. Everybody in Denver, Chicago, and the rest of the country knew what he was when the Cutler trade happened. Honestly, the Broncos wouldn't even have Orton if Cutler wasn't such a crybaby. Cutler is a talented QB, and the Bears made it to the NFC championship with him last year, but he needs to grow up a little in my opinion. Kinda like what we have seen with Lebron James in big situations (although James is way more talented). You said it yourself, Broncos look like an 8-8 team. What does that really say? To me it says you don't expect to be a winning team, but you don't wanna say you are a losing team either.

Tim Tebow may be a complete bust, but the fact is that he needs to be given a shot or we will never REALLY know. We can put all the fluff and hype about his character, his college game, or his mom almost aborting him behind us and just talk from the NFL perspective. The Broncos invested a first round draft-pick and a decent amount of cash into Tebow. Why not give the guy a shot and see what happens? Kyle Orton is NOT the answer, and now he is probably ticked at the Broncos front office, just like Tebow probably is, and just like Cutler was. Orton probably thought he was gonna be sipping margaritas with D-Wade and Lebron on South Beach, now he's spending more time in a place he doesn't feel he's truly wanted or respected.
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