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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
Yeah.......I shouldn't do "gas guzzlers" either but small cars make me claustrophobic. And it's not pretty when I panic!
Nathan didnt have a gas guzzler when I visited him in 2007, he had this mini truck was brilliant except for when this rather exotic waspy thing got into the cab. I enjoyed sitting wiggling my feet off the end of the back trailor in the middle of a cornfield...boomer was doing it too

I assumed Boomer would have a gas guzzler, coz he's always seemed really high powered....but he had a small car...which was unfortunate, coz on the five hour journey from chicago to hillsboro, we stopped off for a bite to eat...and after getting done for double dipping we got back in the car...and it was stinky pooh....he said it smelled of sox and butts or if the car was bigger..I bet the smell would have dissapated it made me laugh though

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