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Define a tragedy..........

Would a deadbeat husbandr count as a tragedy? I have had cars repossessed, had my electric turned off and my home forclosed because my spouse gambled all our money away. My credit score is horrible and I have to rebuild my credit all over again. I finally was able to get a loan again but my credit terms are outrageous. I'm paying the highest percentage because of his mistakes. My money is my own now but I am STILL paying off our joint debts because he doesn't CARE if he pays his share. But the only way that MY name will be cleared is by paying off the debt entirely. Banks have no sympathy for me. They just want their money. And I understand that. But it still sucks.

I have always had tons of insurance but never anything to protect me from HIM! And he ended up being the most dangerous thing in my life.
yeah .. i was kidding though .. but maybe you are just humouring me .. LOL
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