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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
If you attack me and kill win you get to sell your story on how when you went to attack me, I defended myself, and injured you slightly, and thats not fair, coz you have human rights also...then you go to court and claim damages from my estate for the damage I did to you whilst you were killing me. Then you get sent to prison, Murder...ohhh say about twenty five halve that coz we dont have the money or room to keep twelve years...halve that for good behaviour, six bear in mind youve been locked up in custody for a year prior to five years.

During that five years you spend no money so your savings on my death improve in a nice Cash ISA, You dont have to pay rent, you dont have to pay tax, your meals are healthy and provided regularly...and you get to meet loads of friends who can tell you how next time you kill, you can get away with it...unless you'd rather come back to the cushy number you're in.

Four years in, you go for an appeal, to the European Court of Human Rights...and coz they have a superiority complex they free you right you then go to court for false imprisonment....another big pay day for you. think I'm kidding...but i'm not. Thats how bad it is in England
Now do you understand why so many Americans support the death penalty for crimes like murder?
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