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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
What do you mean when you say you've been under attack on this forum? No one here has been mean to you or hurtful to you over your British stuff that I've seen in a long time and your American stuff can be rather nasty and snide so of course we are going to defend ourselves and our country. If you are talking about the mortgage thing, well....get over it. We do things differently in America for a reason. We protect ourselves with either insurance or guns and some of us call our guns "insurance." Move to America. We're awesome.

thats what I mean by being under attack. But I dont mean it in a bad way...I just mean a lot of people think I hate America, and I dont, and that thought has been present for years

I so wish I could move to America...You know I was at a carboot sale this morning...and it was a bit windy...and somewhere over the otherside of the field I could hear little clangs from something metalic bumping on something metalic.

It reminded me of sitting listening to the masts of the boats make funny clanging noises whilst visiting Chicago Harbour I wish I could live there
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