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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
I don't count on the police to protect me, I'm prepared to protect myself until the police are able to respond. Too bad the good folks weren't allowed to be armed to protect themselves. I believe too many people don't take care of themselves and rely on others to protect them, feed them, house them etc.

If your employer came into some hard times, would you work for a few months without pay until they were able to resume paying you?
We dont defend ourselves as a matter of law. If we defended ourselves we wouldnt need the police would we.

if my Store got burned to the Ground, I would not expect the Store to pay me the same ammount for doing nothing whilst the Store was shut. If they said they would only be able to pay everyone half for three months, and then the store would reopen and pay and job would resume as normal...then that would be fine by me.

The Government would pick up the tab in the mean time. Because they are supposed to look after me in certain circumstances. If I cant work, and it fits a criteria of theres, particularly if its only short term...they would have no quarms of paying me enough to cover basic expenses like rent, possibly bills etc.

If your store burned'd be screwed
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