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Exclamation Prime Example of My Defence of America against Britons

I have been under constant attack for countless years from members of this Forum who believe that I am anti-American...and who dont realize what I have to put up with when trying to educate other English people about America.

I thought you might like to see a nice Facebook Dialogue between a contemporary of mine on the subject of...well...America Watch me Defend America

Tyburns Original Status

did you know if Ronald Reagan (Fortieth President of The Federal Republic of The United States of America (Republican Party)) was still alive, he would have turned 100 years of age this year.

Contemporary Reply

He was barely alive when he was president ... the first of the nutty Republicans

From now on the responses are colour coded...I write in Blue, my friend writes in Red

I think Republicans are the better party...they are more American against the you may not approve of the US Consitution...but surely the party representing it best, is more fully American then the other. Yes they are Right... Wing, Yes they are more issolationistic, Yes they dont like paying taxes...but thats part of what it is to be American....Barack Obama really diserves a country in Europe for his Governing Style is the most Centric that America has seen in her Three and a half centuries....I dont know much about Ronald Reagans Reign though so....I couldnt tell you about how many of his policies I like or aggree with...But what you consider "nutty" probably is how America ought to be. They are not British, they are not Commonwealth...they are Americans and they actually have an entirely different westernized Culture...the biggest fault of the British when it comes to Americans is to think badly of them because they expect that the Americans share the same culture. They dont. They do not even THINK like Europeans or Canadians. I have a lot of experience in dealing with Americans online. Their Value systems, and their outlook on life is completely different, and you wont find it any other place outside of the United States. People often accuse them or arrogance because that is what it would be if a British Person acted like they do sometimes...but that view assumes they conform to our culture. In American Culture its considered alright to be culturally confident. Americans can and should be easy to read, British people are not, They find it quite hard to understand how we feel about things sometimes. They will probably never be able to understand The European Union, or The United Nations, They also do not understand why if we have a problem with Europe we moan rather then revolt. The British way is to petition. The Americans cant understand for example, why Police were not shooting the looters last week. We live in entirely different cultures. So....Ronald Reagan was not "nutty" he was simply being an American Republican. LOL

No, I wouldn't call Americans arrogant ... ill-informed about what happens in the rest of the world is more accurate - more specifically ill-informed regarding the damage US foreign policy has done to the world. They are also ill-informed r...egarding the damage gun-culture is doing to their own country. Particularly bad, in that respect are the Republicans. It is the republicans under GW Bush that have caused the collosal deficit - before Bush got in Clinton's government had reduced debt and deficit to managable levels, and still acheived good growth. Bush and the republicans reversed all that. They are therefore being utterly hypocritical in blaming Obama. They have a problem in the states, in that government under the republicans is a government that promotes 'fear' to get its policy-making ideas across. Fear of terrorism, fear of the poor rising up against the wealthy, fear of criminals, fear of immigrants, fear of what's happening in the Middles East, fear of being overtaxed. I think you express it very well, when you say, "Their Value systems, and their outlook on life is completely different, and you wont find it any other place outside of the United States." - no, you won't, because no-where else in the world outside of opporessive and dictatorial states will you find such an isolationist, narrow-minded and inward looking country. Obama has attempted to reverse that, by actually listening to, watching and understanding what's happening in the rest of the world, and in his own country, before responding. The republican attitude is very similar to our current Conservative party's attitude - 'we're in power, we're right, we know all about everything, we know what we're doing, we don't need an inquiry, we don't need to ask questions - we know and we're doing because if we don't everything will turn out really bad, and you won't even be safe in your own homes anymore. It's utterly appaling that the Republicans have blocked Obama's fiscal rescue/rebalancing plan, and prevented tax increases for the wealthy. They're effectively forcing the same kind of policy-making in the US that we've got here, where the burden of taxation is placed on the poorest and the burden on the wealthiest (including corporations) is reduced.

If you want a really excellent appraisal of the American psyche and what is wrong with the US both at home and abroad, I suggest you read (if you've not already done so) some Noam Chomsky

Okay, several counters, firstly, about American Foreign Policy. What damage are you talking about, and be careful in your response, bearing in mind that the British Empire caused such damage, places are still not right nearly half a millenia later. If you are talking about Afghanistan then I staunchly dissagree. It was a Just war...and one that the English have fought three times in the last two hundred years. If you are talking about Iraq...then I would remind you of two things, firstly, who is to say that America didnt move in to claim oil fields fearing an invasion of a weak Iraq by Iran...and secondly, dont forget which Country is responsible for causing the French Veto...because that damage was NOT done by the Americans. Now we move on to gun culture...why should it bother you how another country chooses to enforce its laws....England hasnt always been a fire-arm free nation either. Lets talk about the Banking crisis for a moment. Firstly, that has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. This was Greedy Banks and Greedy Sub Prime Americans of both persuasions. You COULD argue the American banks need more regulation by the Government...but to understand why that hasnt taken place would involve a knowledge of what Americans believe Government is...they do not believe the Government is their to provide for them, infact, they would rather not have a Government at all. The Government of the US is held hostage on the fear of public violence if it chooses to disregard popular consensus of the American Citizenry because according to the Constitution the American Government must bow to the wishes of the people it represents. It is the Citizens who have control, this is reflected in the fact that they do not get punished by law for protecting their own land or property with force if required. In England, if you get mugged and dare to fight back, you get treated like a criminal...I know that from personal experience. Americans believe it is a crime for the Government to poke its nose into their private affairs, and banking is one of those areas. George Bush did what HE HAD to do in bailing out the banks...and his response was NOT Republican. For once he thought about the effect on the rest of the world. The Republicans called for abstention believing that those who had done wrong would be punished. They spared no thought for Europe...because Europe is not America...and regardless of American is treated as a Homeland issue. That you might consider wrong...but it is perfectly within their isolasionistic views. America comes first to Americans. Only in England does the European Parliament come first...You say Obama is trying to Reverse...Listen when I tell you that IF Obama does reverse anything he will irreperably damage the American Culture. You may not like the American Culture, fair enough...cant say I'm in love with the British Tollerance of anything goes so far that there is no national identity, criminals have more rights then citizens, and an incompetant Government cant handle minors in the bloody street. I mean REALLY! The point is that you look at America with the opinion that YOUR Culture is in some way better or is a challenge to you...American Culture NOW is a snapshot of English Culture Three Centuries ago. It is England who has changed her Identity, not America. England who has grown to encompass so much, that she no longer really is anything but an offshoot of multicultural europe...where each state is exactly the same as the next, where their only selling point is a History that they dont even recognise in their own present. You want to see what Englands Heratage and Culture was...look at is like looking back in time...Her Culture was Our Culture...frozen in time...I dont think we have changed for the better. You might of course. US Debt is not something that is unique to America...Greece, Spain, The Republic of Eire, Portugal, France, Italy...The Euro is Financially unstable, that is far worse then a super power being officially demoted. News Flash...China will inherit the World, and if China doesnt, Russia will...five years from now you really WILL have a reason to complain about the worlds super power...however difficult you find Americans...they are nothing compared to the Communists...bear that in mind. If WE cant be the Super Power...i'd rather have a good and strong America...noone wants China or Russia...

I'm still waiting for his reply
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