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Yes...see that is a BIG difference. In England we believe that our Taxes are basically payment for Government Services...and lots of Britons view that directly as Retail. We pay money to our Government FOR THEM TO SUPPLY US WITH SOMETHING. Yes its a compulsory payment...we HAVE to pay even if we dont want a service...BUT because we have to pay we get VERY angry when we do...and something happens...and they dont do as they should.

If you paid for your fire department to save you...and when your house caught fire, they didnt turn up...Our Taxes are basically viewed as insurance...maybe its protection, maybe its health care...but we expect services from the government in return for taxes...we dont pay them for nothing...and its when things go wrong, usually that they have to do a good job...Thats why people are so angry at the police...They paid for the police to protect them in any eventuality....and for many in London and Birmingham, who pay a tax each month to insure their safety in the event of something like what happened...for it to happen, and the police not to do a good makes them dissapointed.

In America one of the things I found strange was that Value Added Tax was not included in the price. So you sit for a coffee at $1 and end up paying $1.50 and that extra is in England the original price includes all taxes.
I don't count on the police to protect me, I'm prepared to protect myself until the police are able to respond. Too bad the good folks weren't allowed to be armed to protect themselves. I believe too many people don't take care of themselves and rely on others to protect them, feed them, house them etc.

If your employer came into some hard times, would you work for a few months without pay until they were able to resume paying you?
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