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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Our insurance would pay our mortgage if something like this happened.
Why would this insurance be required if you have a mortgage but not cover the mortgage?
Because Its Building dont have mortgage insurance...because if you had the money to insure, you have the money to pay.

Amy...they are not asking for the bills to be written off, they are asking, effectively for more time to pay...because the insurance wont cover it, and it might be a while before they can work, and it will be their employment that funds the mortgage.

No...I am sorry...but it was the banks and their Greedy sordid little money making tricks that caused the reccession in the first place, that has led to people being tense, life being more difficult, and ultimately, this mindless vandalism is because people are so angry they need to just let off steam. This hasnt happened to everyone...its probably less then 500 people who have lost their home...NO Bank is going to go under for aggreeing to suspend payments for a Quarter for that few people.

Also...I dont think you realize that in England, a lot of these Banks are nationalized, and that was as a DIRECT consequence of the 2008 wall street wobble. So these people who pay taxes to the government...some of that tax money went into stabalizing the banks...Its not too much to ask that they hold back on payment deadlines for a few people for a few months.

Only Banking insitutions and the Government would see this request as unreasonable...and its all just for Greed....considering these are the two institutions, both in my country, and in yours, to inflict this situation onto people like myself, and you, to be unashamed and largely unappologetic, to not quite understand why people have a problem with them still raking in so much money...and then to refuse the reasonable request of freezing the mortgages of a few people, for a few months, whose homes have vanished thanks to mindless is the notion of anyone who isnt appauled by reading this.

It may not be true in America, you may pay taxes for shytes and giggles, I dont know...but in England we pay for certain insitutions to protect and help us. We pay each month, taxes to the emergency service, specifically so, in the event of something like the riots, they protect us. If they fail to do so...its not just an unfortunate situation, its basically that someone isnt getting what they are paying for.

I give a foolish example...but you'll get the idea. So a person will pay around about 100 to 150 pounds (double that for your currency) per month in council tax. One of the Services that we expect to get in return is refuse collection. We expect that each week, a van will come down the street and it will collect our rubbish. This is not something the council does out of the kindness of its heart, it is something that we pay for. Last year the winter was bad, and the vans didnt collect in some areas for three weeks. One little old lady told me how she had phoned the council, and how they replied that her bins were "not a priority" to which she replied "if I refuse to pay my council tax next month, will they become a priority then?"

We dont pay taxes for fun. Taxes ARE our insurance from the Government that they will look after us. Its simple retail. Now when a bank goes bust and the Government have to step in a fund it...they use OUR taxes to do that...which is fine, thats their business...but then to approach these banks less then five years later for reasonable help...and to be turned down...their existance in this land is thanks to our funds...I do not perceive that as apt gratitude and it makes me enourmously rage filled.
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