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Originally Posted by lc87
I was never too pumped about this fight. And without a strong main event I don't see many buys. If it was half priced for a half decent card maybe. And this fight doesn't make sense to me anyway. Rampage just destroyed the man that destroyed jardine. I know mma math doesn't always add up but it makes it hard to hype a fight. I think this one should have been anderson vs lietes then 97 should have been rashads title on the line . Then 98 was worked out good. Then 99 has a big fight decent main event.

I don't like champs turning down fights. Bj saying he won't fight till late summer. Rashad turning down rampage. I feel if they deny a a challanger they should be stripped and shipped to the bottom of the list.
Agree with you on this card, it just doesn't do it for me, especially at full PPV price. I wonder what the buyrate for this one will be, no title fights, only one true "contender" fight (Gonzaga-Carwin is interesting, but neither of them is next in line at HW), plus a crap economy spell a recipe for disappointment for the UFC if I had to guess.
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