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Default looks like the riots are over now...Parliament was recalled and Westminster sat down to decide what to do. They are all in agreement that this is bad...but some of the Government are distraught saying that the cuts on the police are to blame...the Governments response is that the police were preparing for a public disorder, and not criminality at the start.

So...whats happening? the police are now reviweing tapes and they are making raids, and getting the children hauled out infront of the press. The Riot Courts are working through the night to prosecute.

Nottingham Council has said if they find someone gets convicted, they will make sure they never have the right to own a council house, and if they are renting one, they will be evicted.

You realize that before David Cameron became prime minister he was all about "Broken Britain" it was he who set up a process known as "Hug a Hoody"...and the imortalized photo of one swearing at him

...course now it looks like he was right all along
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